04/2015 - An Empire Story, Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami
Felice Grodin in conversation with Odalis Valdivieso unfolded a visual archive of an ongoing conversation over Suhail Malik's text 'An Ape Says No.'

01/2017 - I am sick of Symmetry, Paxy, The Light Box, Miami
In the fashion of design, a group of artworks is arranged as bodies of a total entity; Each one pointing out shapes, gestures, and collages, fragmenting of the world of representation. Separate realities merge into one as the stage is an object as much as the theatre itself, the audience, the lights, the video, the painting, the collage, and the photograph, The group of artists selected, present works that seem open, transitional; somehow reflecting their studio practice privileging experimentation and depth within their tasks.

05/2015 - framekini, Biquini Wax, Mexico City
Exhibition of works on newspapers made by Odalis Valdivieso and Marcos Valella

2014/ongoing - Fall Semester, Miami
Fall Semester is the project of artists Felice Grodin, Odalis Valdivieso, Lidija Slajkovic, Angela Valella, Andrew Horton, Antonia Wright, and Marcos Valella. Collectively they have developed an organizational strategy to unite the contributors’ discussions into a cohesive program providing a platform for both speakers and attendees. The project arose from their concerns with global issues that have influenced their individual practice and research. Testing what can be achieved in a sped-up production of discourse, Fall Semester invites noted artists, theoreticians, critics, curators, and cultural practitioners to discuss ideas, then, in turn, calls on the participants to, in the format of a dialogue, develop a conversation from their respective positions. 

06/2013 - The Surplus Bulletin, Dimensions Variable, Miami
Exhibition conceived by Luther College’s professor of art Ben Moore and visiting artist Odalis Valdivieso.

2012/ongoing, The Nightclub, Miami
The nightclub, founded by artist Angela Valella in collaboration with Odalis Valdivieso, is a nomadic platform that since April 2012 has created a dialogue among diverse artistic practices and practitioners through curated exhibitions presented in various venues for one night only. The project has been shaped by exhibitions, talks, and happenings organized by Miami's close-knit network of artists and cultural producers. The nightclub proposes a model of operation and connectivity. It is a sample of an organization, a sample of ephemeral production, a field of research, and a case study of each edition. It creates a process of connections, a rhizome. The challenge has been to fit both personal needs and the intentions of the collaborators into one space while trying to build a collaborative and dynamic format. It has tried many possible solutions in the face of all kinds of issues related to production management, personal relationships, leadership, conceptual bases, and communication, among others. It has been a good way to face traditional terms of display and inflexible institutional structures, and to try new systems of making knowledge.

03-07/2012, Practices Remain, Norwegian Wood Building, Miami; Regina Rex, New York
Practices Remain, curated by Odalis Valdivieso and Marcos Valella, explored various distinct artistic systems engaged in studio undertaking. It is conceived as a dynamic situation where research, production, and display have the same level of importance. The exhibition presented a range of works that refuse the certainty of the idea behind the construct, and engage doubt as an active space. The never-ending arrival at the concrete idea is the trigger for a tendency towards abstraction. Therefore, becoming the depository of meaning and not of its function. Ultimately, the show looks for the dichotomy between practice and intellect, sometimes even compromising the importance of the resulting works.

08/2009, Ocupa, Farside Gallery, Miami
For Ocupa, three artists share a home temporarily, their most recent work establishes a lively dialog between corridors and rooms of a little house/gallery in Westchester. This exhibition complements the mutual respect and friendship between Amalia Caputo, Odalis Valdivieso, and Eugenia Vargas Pereira, who regardless of their diverse backgrounds and origins share intellectual, conceptual and spiritual concerns. Ocupa is a collective exhibition in which photography; videos and installations become tools for communicating and re-thinking specific themes around the idea of home: from the internal to the external, the notions of inhabiting, occupying, invading. Conceptually, each artist works from a different place and develops visual and auditive chronicles that reflect upon memory, reconstructing history, domestic violence versus public realms, and fluidity between the real and the unreal.

04/2008, Tales from the Far Side, Farside Gallery, Miami 
Tales From The Farside is a curatorial project based on the Far Side, the popular one-panel syndicated comic created by Gary Larson, characterized by its surrealistic humor is represented through “uncomfortable social situations, improbable events, an anthropomorphic view of the world, logical fallacies, impending bizarre disasters, or the search for meaning in life.” (Marti Eicholz) Tales From The Farside invites artists who have a twisted view of themselves and work through humor, absurdity, ridiculousness, and irrationality.

2005-10, Talking Head Transmitters, Miami
THT is an experimental low - frequency art radio founded by artist Eugenia Vargas Pereira, airing at 88.1 FM.

07/2005, Blanco, Galería Artepuy, Caracas
Exhibition using color white as subject matter

12/2003, Blanc, Instituto de Mexico, Washington DC / DACRA, Miami
Exhibition using color white as subject matter

05/1998, In Situ 1, Blasini Gallery, Caracas
Exhibition of works made for and at Blasini Gallery

02/1998, Portable Nature, La Otra Banda Gallery, Mérida
Exhibition of works using ecology and nature as subject matter