Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

01/2020: Odalis Valdivieso: Trends, currents, and phenomena, Kristen Wigley-Fleming Gallery, Luther College, Decorah

11/2018-03/2019 Performing the self and other selves, Bass Museum of Art, Public Windows, Miami Beach
11/2017-02/2018 Nearly Contemporary, South Florida Art Center, Public Windows, Miami Beach
09/2016 Invisible, La Caja, Centro Cultural Chacao, Caracas
04/2015 framekini, Biquini Wax, Mexico City
04/2015 An Empire Story, a conversation between Felice Grodin and Odalis Valdivieso, Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami as part of MetaGallery
02/2015 Arrhythmic Suite, MDC Museum of Art+Design, Miami
10/2013 Book of simple thoughts, Más, Beijing
11/2012 Paper Folding, Dimensions Variable, Miami
11/2012 Paper Folding, Alejandra von Hartz Gallery, Miami
08/2011 5.2011, Cloître Des Billettes, Paris
10/2007 Alfresco, Signature Art Gallery, Miami
02/2005 Contradictions of the Self, Art@Work, Miami
11/2004 Creative Destructions, Rocket Projects, Miami
12/2003 Aflodai’s Battle, Scope Art Fair, Miami
11/ 2002 Animal, Casas Riegner Gallery, Miami
04/2002 Intersection, Locust Projects, Miami

Selected Group Exhibitions

11/2017 In Times of Uncertainty, Edge Zones Projects, Miami
07/2017 South Florida Cultural Consortium, MOCANOMI, North Miami
05/2017 Women Painting, Girl's Club at Miami-Dade College Museum of Art and Design Kendall Campus, Miami
11/2015 100+ Degrees in The Shade, various locations, Miami
09/2015 Time and Materials, Florida International University, Miami Beach
12/2014  The Sinking Parenthesis, Central Fine, Miami Beach
02/2014 Things are what they are... A Museum, is a Museum, a Museum. Centro Cultural Español, Miami
05/2013 Object Implied, Emerson Dorsch, Miami
05/2013 Playforms, Chatham University, Pittsburgh
04/2013 Grid’s World, Locust Projects, Miami
03/2013 A Language Beyond Forms, Alejandra von Hartz, Miami
11/2012 New Work Miami 2013, Miami Art Museum, Miami
07/2012 Practices Remain, Regina Rex, New York
03/2012 Practices Remain, Norwegian Wood Building, Miami
09/2011 SET, Bridge Red Studios / Project Space, North Miami
06/2011 Enter The Nineties, Miami Dade Public Main Library, Miami
06/2011 Noise Field, Dorsch Gallery, Miami
03/2011 After Process, Miami Beach Branch Library, Miami Beach
07/2010 New Work Miami 2010, Miami Art Museum, Miami
03/2010 Emergency Radio Battery Check, Miami Beach Botanical Garden
10/2009 Imperfect Archives, 801 Projects, Miami
10/2009 Ocupa, Far Side Gallery, Miami
09/2009 Why are we here?, 801 Projects, Miami
03/2009 Art of Uncertainty, The Salons of the Fine Arts Palace, Santo Domingo
10/2008 Intrude: Art & Life 366, Zendai Museum of Modern Art (Zendai MoMA), Shanghai
08/2008 Cartografías Meridionales, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Rosario MACRO, El Rosario
10/2008 Miami: City–Metaphor, Centro Cultural Español, Miami
04/2008 Space is The Place, Diaspora Vibe Gallery, Miami
11/2007 Miami Contemporary Artists: Creating a Scene, Freedom Tower, Miami
10/2007 Talking Heads, Girls Club, Fort Lauderdale
06/2007 Sleepless Night 07, Public Performance, Miami Beach
10/2006 Subtropics06, Artcenter South Florida, Miami Beach
06/2006 Vienna Art Week 06, Museum’s Quartier, Vienna
12/2005 Talking Head Transmitters, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Beach
06/2005 Blanco sobre Blanco, 1800 Gallery, Caracas
09/2004 New Art South Florida, Miami Art Museum 
03/2002 TV OR NOT TV – Freewaves 8th Festival of New Media Art, Americas Society, New York
02/2002 Blanc, Instituto de Mexico: Washington D.C. / DACRA, Miami
03/2002 Helicopter, Leonard Tachmes Gallery, Miami
02/2002 Drawing Conclusions, Dacra, Miami
02/2002 Video Fémmes, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
01/2002 Digit-Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas
01/2002 No Show, Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami
06/2002 No-Home, House of artist Eugenia Vargas, Miami
05/2002 Intersection, Cloître Des Billettes, Paris
01/2001 V Salón Pirelli de Jóvenes Artistas, Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas
05/2000 In Situ 1, Galería Blasini, Caracas
02/1999 Portable Nature, Cloître Des Billettes, Paris
02/1998 Portable Nature, La Otra Banda Gallery, Mérida
11/1997 Biennial of Guayana, Museo Jesús Soto, Ciudad Bolívar